DLR Dataset (May 2012)

Dataset Name: DLR Dataset (May 2012)

Research Groups: DLR

Hand Type: Human Hand

Data Type: Human Motion Data, Human Postures

Data Structure: Joint Angles (rad)

Data Format: .txt

Sampling Rate: >= 100 Hz

Action Type: Static Grasps, Reach and Grasp

Objects Type: Real Objects

Kin. Model #DOFs: >15 & <= 20 (20)

Equipment: Marker Motion Capture Systems (Vicon)

# of Actions: > 20 (>20 ((6 subjects x 2 tasks) + (1 subject x 1 task)) x 23 objects x m samples per object (time series).)

# of Subjects: > 5 (7)

Year: 2012

Dataset Information:

The objects grasped are a subset of the objects used by Santello et al. [1]. In contrast to [1], here real objects instead of imagined objects are grasped, meaning that the contact forces between the fingers and the object can induce deformations to the hand posture. Each object is associated with a certain use scenario, because this strongly influences the location of the grasp. Seven subjects took part in the measurements; the number of objects is 23.

More information can be found on the report that accompanies the dataset.

How to Cite:

[1] M. Santello, M. Flanders, and J. F. Soechting. Postural hand synergies for tool use. The Journal of Neuroscience, 18(23):10105-10115, 1998.