Technion Dataset (July 2020)

Dataset Name: Human kinematics and Kinetics (July 2020)

Research Group: Team of Prof. Alon Wolf, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

Hand Type: Human Hand

Data Type: Human Motion Data

Data Structure: Joint Angles (rad)

Data Format: .csv

Sampling Rate: 120 Hz

# of Actions: 1083

# of Objects: 5

# of Subjects: 31

Year: 2020


Existing haptic feedback devices are limited in their capabilities and are often cumbersome and heavy. In addition, these devices are generic and do not adapt to the users’ grasping behavior. Potentially, a human-oriented design process could generate an improved design. While current research done on human grasping was aimed at finding common properties within the research population, we investigated the dynamic patterns that make human grasping behavior distinct rather than generalized, i.e. subject specific. Experiments were conducted on 31 subjects who performed grasping tasks on five different objects. The kinematics and kinetics parameters were measured using a motion capture system and force sensors. The collected data was processed through a pipeline of dimensionality reduction and clustering algorithms. Using finger joint angles and reaction forces as our features, we were able to classify these tasks with over 95% success. In addition, we examined the effects of the objects’ mechanical properties on those patterns and the significance of the different features for the differentiation. Our results suggest that grasping patterns are, indeed, subject-specific; this, in turn, could suggest that a device capable of providing personalized feedback can improve the user experience and, in turn, increase the usability in different applications. This paper explores an undiscussed aspect of human dynamic patterns. Furthermore, the collected data offer a valuable dataset of human grasping behavior, containing 1083 grasp instances with both kinetics and kinematics data.

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Herbst Y, Zelnik-Manor L, Wolf A. BRML Grasp Dataset [Internet]. OSF; 23 Jun 2020. doi:10.17605/OSF.IO/XJ6DW

The dataset is also described in the following publication:
Herbst Y, Zelnik-Manor L, Wolf A (2020) Analysis of subject specific grasping patterns. PLOS ONE 15(7): e0234969.