TU Berlin Dataset 2 – IJRR (June 2015)

Dataset Name: TU Berlin – IJRR 2015 Dataset 2 (June 2015)

Research Group: TUB

Hand Type: Robot Hand

Data Type: Robot Hand Kinematics

Data Structure: Marker coordinates (mm) for the five fingertips (1-5: thumb, index, middle, ring, pinky).

# of Fingers: 5

Data Format: .csv

Sampling Rate: >=100

Action Type: Object Grasps

Objects Type: Real Objects

Kin. Model # DoFs: N/A

Equipment: Motion Capture System -> Motion Analysis motion capture system -> Marker Based (3mm retro-reflective markers).

# Actions/Hand Configurations: > 20 – A robot hand enacting grasps of the Feix grasp list (33 grasps).

Year: 2015

Anthropomorphism: yes

Dataset Information:

Fingertip positions of RBO Hand 2 while enacting Feix grasps. The dataset lists the x,y,z positions of each of the five fingers (1-5: thumb-index-middle-ring-pinky).

How to Cite:

[1] R. Deimel, O. Brock. A Novel Type of Compliant and Underactuated Robotic Hand for Dexterous Grasping. The International Journal of Robotics Research, in print.

Additional References:

[2] R. Deimel and O. Brock. A Novel Type of Compliant, Underactuated Robotic Hand for Dexterous Grasping. Robotics:Science and Systems (RSS), 2014.

[3] http://grasp.xief.net/grasplist.php