UPC Dataset (May 2011)

Dataset Name: UPC Dataset (May 2011)

Research Group: UPC

Hand Type: Robot Hand

Data Type: Robot Hand Kinematics

Data Structure: Joint Sensors Data (rad)

# of Fingers: 4

Data Format: .csv

Sampling Rate: >=100 Hz (100 Hz)

Action Type: Free Space

Objects Type: No Objects

Kin. Model #DOFs: <=15 - 17 joints (13 independent DOFs)

Equipment: Motion Capture System -> Cyberglove II

# of Actions: >20

# of Subjects: 1

Anthropomorphism: yes

Year: 2011

Dataset Information:

These experimental data were obtained by asking the users to move the hand in the free space while having visual feedback of the equivalent configurations of the Schunk Anthropomorphic Hand. The intention is to capture the workspace of the robotic hand while avoiding the self-collision ones, such that the workspace can be model then by means of principal motion directions. The final goal is to use a reduced space for planning the motion of this highly articulated device.

How to Cite:

[1] Rosell, J., Suarez, R., Rosales, C. and Pirez A. Autonomous motion planning of a hand-arm robotic system based on captured human-like hand postures. Autonomous Robots.