UNIPI-IIT SoftHand Robot Hand (July 2014)

Year: 2012

Group(s): UNIPI, IIT

Hand Type: Robot Hand

Weight: 450 gr

Dimensions (@rest position)
Length: 230 mm (from thumb to little finger tip); 235 mm (from the wrist basis to the middle finger tip)
Thickness: 40 mm maximum at the palm

Grasp ability
Cylindrical power grasp: 25 N
Maximum Torque: 3 Nm
Time of Closure: Full closed from full open: < 1 s Kinematics
# of Fingers: 5
Opposable Thumb: yes
Total degrees of freedom: 19
Range of motion: 0 – 90°
Compliant fingers: yes
Anthropomorphism: yes

Actuation Type
Type of motors: Brushed DC
Back-drivable mechanisms: yes
Underactuation: yes
Tendons: yes
Number of motor(s): 1

Sensory system
Force sensors: no
Position sensors: yes
Current sensors: yes

Implemented Control Schemes
Position: yes
Current: yes
Force: no

Power requirements: 24 V

Material: Mixed

Cost: 7000 Euros

All CAD files are freely available at www.naturalmachinemotioninitiative.com.

How to cite:

M.G. Catalano, G.Grioli, E. Farnioli, A. Serio, C. Piazza, A. Bicchi. Adaptive Synergies for the Design and Control of the Pisa/IIT SoftHand. In International Journal of Robotics Research. 33 no. 5 768-782. 2014.