NTUA Dataset (May 2010)

Dataset Name: NTUA Dataset (May 2010)

Research Group: NTUA

Hand Type: Human Hand

Data Type: Human Motion Data, Human Postures

Data Structure: Joint Angles (deg)

Data Format: .txt

Sampling Rate: >=100 Hz (100 Hz)

Action Type: Reach and Grasp, Static Grasps

Objects Type: Real Objects

Kin. Model #DOFs: >15 & <=20 (20)

Equipment: Motion Capture System -> Cyberglove II

# of Actions: <20 (19) (4 objects: a mug x5 trials, a rectangle x5 trials, a ball x5 trials, a small ball x4 trials)

# of Subjects: 1

Year: 2010

Dataset Information:

The role of synergies during reach to grasp movements was identified by the following experiment; a subject is seated on a chair, while his trunk is holded to the chair by means of elastic straps, so as to restrain body movements. His hand was placed at the top of the table with the palm facing downwards. Objects of varying shape and size were placed on the surface of a table at a higher point than the starting hand position. The user was instructed to move his arm in order to reach and grasp the object. For each trial the starting position of the hand and the position of the object were kept the same.

How to Cite:

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