UNIPI Dataset (July 2014)

Dataset Name: UNIPI Dataset (June 2014) Hand Type: Human Hand Research Groups: UNIPI Data Type: Human Motion Data Structure: Marker coordinates (x,y,z) of a free space static pose (mm) Data Format: C3D (www.c3d.org) Sampling Rate: >100 Hz (480 Hz) Action Type: Free Space Objects Type: No Object Kin. Model # DoFs: >20 (26) Equipment: Motion[…]

DLR Dataset (September 2013)

Dataset Name: DLR Dataset (September 2013) Research Group: DLR Hand Type: Human Hand Data Type: Human Postures Data Structure: Kinematic Model Description Data Format: .mat Sampling Rate: N/A Action Type: Static Grasps Objects Type: No Object Kin. Model #DOFs: >20 (24) Equipment: MRI # of Actions: Reference Configuration # of Subjects: 1 Year: 2013 jointangles[…]