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DLR Dataset (May 2012) [Grasps of real objects]
DLR Dataset (September 2013) [Human hand kinematic model for OpenSim]

HUST Dataset (March 2016) [Joint angles of human hand while executing the grasping tasks of Feix taxonomy]

NTUA, Cyberglove Grasping Experiments (May 2010)[Grasping a variety of real objects (13 objects)]

OpenBionics | NTUA (September 2015) [Affordable, Modular, Light-Weight, Underactuated Robot Hands]
OpenBionics | NTUA (September 2015) [Anthropomorphic, Light-Weight, Affordable Prosthetic Hands]

[TU Berlin]
TU Berlin Dataset (December 2016) [Human grasping dataset]
TU Berlin Dataset 1 – IJRR (June 2015) [Humans enacting Feix grasps (33)]
TU Berlin Dataset 2 – IJRR (June 2015) [A robot hand enacting Feix grasps (33)]

UNIPI | ASU Dataset (May 2011) [Grasping virtual objects, hand at contact]
UNIPI Dataset (October 2011) [Static grasp postures]
UNIPI Dataset (September 2013) [Grasping virtual objects]
UNIPI Dataset (June 2014) [Kapandji Model]
UNIPI Dataset (July 2014) [C3D Data Format]
UNIPI | IIT SoftHand (July 2014) [Robot Hand]
UNIPI – Haptic Exploration of Real Objects (September 2015) [Human Hand]

UPC Dataset (May 2011)[Capturing configurations of the hand while it moves in the free space]